Friday, 13 June 2014

10 Things Only North American Kids of British Parents Understand

  1. The confusion you felt when your friends' parents' record collections didn't have any Cilla Black, Simply Red, or James Last.
  2. At school when said your favourite food was mince and tatties, cheese toasties, or bacon butties, and nobody understood.
  3. How aghast you felt about the Scholastic versions of the Harry Potter books.
  4. Arguing with your teacher about the proper spelling of "omelette".
  5. Nobody wanted to share your Enid Blyton books.
  6. When people tried to imitate your parents' accents and sounded nothing like what they actually spoke.
  7. When your relatives overseas sent you videotapes and they wouldn't play.
  8. Watching The Snowman instead of The Grinch every Christmas.
  9. Lying to your playmates that you knew the Spice Girls personally due to your British Connections. 
  10. When your parents would scold you for using the North American term for something rather than the British term.

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